Catalyst Apps is a game developer currently focused on pets nurture and decorate genres. We've also created GAF Media which enables porting of Flash animations to mobile devices. We're located near San Francisco with a game studio and technical staff located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. On the game dev side, we receive a steady stream of testimonials from our players and users. Here's just a few!

I just want to say you are all doing a fantastic job. I have stopped playing all my other games and spend all my internet time playing Pet City.

I have been having so much fun with this game for the past two years and it amazes me how much this game has grown and I feel glad that I have been a witness to it... Thanks again.

Like I've told you before, you've got the best game on Facebook With the best customer support.

I LOVE Pet City and want to send a BIG Thank You for all of your hard work and for ALWAYS listening to our request. VAL......YOU AND THE TEAM ARE AWESOME

You guys are awesome no other games would do half if anything you guys do for us Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Gaf is a fantastic tool. Simple, powerful and full of many useful options. Plus the team is always available and operative, they update with new features very very often. Really advised. A happy customer that use Gaf for many months.

You guys amaze me! I have played alot of games from alot of developers and not one has ever made me feel they cared about my experience in the game one bit. You guys not only care but work very hard to please us. Not only that you work hard at keeping a relationship with us and that is so rare. God Bless all the Crew in 2015...I'm sure it will be a great year in Pet City!

Wow! Thank you so much for caring about your players! You guys are awesome! And thanks for all the thought that goes into making PC the best pet game ever!

If you haven't heard it lately....we love & appreciate all that you folks do for us. Yes, you ARE amazing! Wishing you all a happy & healthy new year

There are sssssssso many of us who are so tremendously grateful to the Pet City staff that it's created a constantly flowing river of gratitude for you all for what you do & how much you show your care for us all — in this instance, as well as many others... beware of the RAPIDS in that river of gratitude & there are FLOOD warnings as it grows ever larger, too!!

You guys are the best, i loooove pet city so much!

Just MIND-BLOWING how attentive you all are to every comment made to you & every detail to make this game the MOST AWESOME ON THE INTERNET!!! KUDOS, THANKS, & GREAT WORK EVERYONE ON THE PC STAFF!!!