We measure player retention in years, not months. The feedback loop of the player community with our support team, artists, animators, game producers and programmers is a major part of our process and winning formula. The very low churn rate among our top players and constant stream of appreciative reviews are strong indicators of long shelf lives for our games.

Our Future Games

Future Games of Catalyst Apps

On April 1st, 2016 we assembled a new team of international talents to build a platform for future games. Our proprietary C++ mobile platform allows us to quickly create, craft and construct our responsive worlds. We have ensured that every logical aspect of our framework can be replaced, removed and/or modified. Flexibility for future development is achieved with our powerful UI solution, 2.5/3D asset pipeline, dynamic entity assembly and animation system

Pet Buddies on iOS

Pet Buddies application on iOS

Pet Buddies, a beautiful nurturing and decorating game, is now available on the App Store. Pet Buddies is a #1 pets game with the cutest pets you'll find on iPad and iPhone. Literally create the house of your dreams for your Pet buddy with endless decorating opportunities. Taking care of your Pet buddy and creating a beautiful home for it makes the game really interesting and exciting for both adults and kids.

PetBuddies HD iOS app PetBuddies iOS app

Pet City on Facebook

Pet City game on Facebook

Pet City was released on Facebook in June 2011. Weekly in-game releases have since generated over 30k+ items, 5k+ animations.

Pet City's uber cute pets are what draw players to the game daily and they stay for the beautiful clothes and furniture released every week. Amazing animations and attention to detail keep our players coming back for more. Embedded animations allow pets to engage with other pets and other smart animations.

Pet City on Facebook